Tuesday, July 24, 2007


In this fast paced world, the most common reason we hear or give,
for not staying in touch with someone,
Is; I am busy, sorry but I was very busy over the past few days,
it makes me think, think and debate,who am I fooling??
what I am trying to run from?
Is this something because I am trying to avoid something?
Is it because of some hidden fear within me?
I know I have time where I can do other things,
But I am somehow busy for this one?
its a matter of choice between things,
Things, that you take for granted,
and know will be there till the end...
But time flies, and people wait and wait,
and finally get exhausted in some moment
Then you find, you are lonely in a block...
because there is noone you can talk....
Days go by and you feel alone.....
wishing someone was there for you more...
Now, you have the time in the whole world,
But you have lost someone on the road.......
And then you ask the question,