Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eternal Soul

This poem is in the loving memory of one of my closest friend, Nehal Mehta, whom we will miss forever.

We are birds in this world, making our way across,
each passing day is a journey on the path of bliss,
We each must go one day in search of a new harbor,
and become memories in the hearts of our consort;
Memories, which I spend in thinking about you,
and the times we spent together,
Never had I imagined, that suddenly one day, without any admonition,
all this fun and talks, will cease forever...
Never did I know that the day you called me, to wish a happy new year,
would be the last time I hear your voice ever!
I saw you laughing always, but little did I guess,
there might be a pain behind the gloss...
You taught me how to enjoy each moment of life
to be a child and have fun in each moment till you die
But why was I in an illusion, that life is eternal
and everything around me is perpetual??
Why did it have to be you, this time, to teach me,
to appreciate and love each and every person in my life?
My friend, I will miss you forever, but you have enlightened me on a thoroughfare,
to lead an altruistic life, for someday we shall meet, as souls are amaranthine!