Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Freedom to be...

I walk a lonely road, muddled in thoughts of my true destiny,
trying to answer enigmatic questions profoundly...
I know you tried to reach out to me, to pick me up
free me of the trouble; and with joy make me jump!!
But the monster which shadows me, is far too big
with its tentacles, that hold me strong..
In darkness I lie, held in its arms, safely surrounded by an outer shell
Protected from all the fears, and always thinking all is well...
Little dO I see the right and wrong,
life is all but a happy song
Till, one day, I see a curious soul break out free,
and jump outside to live and breathe...
It created a little space in my shell, to move a bit;
As I walk around, I wonder if I am happy in my pit
I think and think, and my mind goes into a rolling spree
wondering what would lie outside if I break free??
I know it is time to let go of the worries and move on
afterall I am fearless soul, who should fight life heads on!!
But, I am only a small creature, with all the wordly fears
sometimes I am full of tears
So Today, I look up to thee
to give thy child the strength and courage, to be what I want to be!!