Sunday, March 5, 2017

My Country, My Land

Easy it is to say, it is my house, my land, my country,
Fool we must be to think, we own mother nature indefinitely,
All this is but a lease for us to pass our journey,
For one day, we shall leave this all behind on our way,
What is the point of obsessing or fighting over this
When we know deep in our heart it not even ours
Imagine how many wars could have been prevented,
and precious beautiful lives saved
if each of us lived in our own shell of bliss
having no aim of material things to possess
We could move from one place to other
without fearing one another
Enjoy the beautiful planet we have and mother nature
for some day we shall sleep forever in paradise


Today I think of you more than ever,
ofcourse it is not for any favor;
I know, I would never be able to tell,
How much I love you!
Deep within my heart, there is a fear,
what if I loose you forever?
I always think of you in my joy and my tears,
and we feel life is all cheers...
But, I am tired of living in this pretentious world,
because it is difficult even to trust a close friend,
I wish I had the secret power to know and understand,
what is going on in your heart and mind
Time has come, where each moment of my life,
goes in thinking about you as my life...
I wish one day both of us realize the feeling,
and make it a happy ending..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Freedom to be...

I walk a lonely road, muddled in thoughts of my true destiny,
trying to answer enigmatic questions profoundly...
I know you tried to reach out to me, to pick me up
free me of the trouble; and with joy make me jump!!
But the monster which shadows me, is far too big
with its tentacles, that hold me strong..
In darkness I lie, held in its arms, safely surrounded by an outer shell
Protected from all the fears, and always thinking all is well...
Little dO I see the right and wrong,
life is all but a happy song
Till, one day, I see a curious soul break out free,
and jump outside to live and breathe...
It created a little space in my shell, to move a bit;
As I walk around, I wonder if I am happy in my pit
I think and think, and my mind goes into a rolling spree
wondering what would lie outside if I break free??
I know it is time to let go of the worries and move on
afterall I am fearless soul, who should fight life heads on!!
But, I am only a small creature, with all the wordly fears
sometimes I am full of tears
So Today, I look up to thee
to give thy child the strength and courage, to be what I want to be!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Everything is going to be Alright!!

Please tell me everything is going to be alright,

Today is the last day you have to put up that fight,

Tell me tomorrow is going to be another day,

you will be laughing all the happy and gay,

I know that all this is temporary, and this too shall be past,

Please give me the courage to fight till it lasts..

I know you are there with me forever and I should need no approval,

But today I am a little low, so please show me your miracle!!

You know I have tons of questions for you at this time,

I know, you accept me even when I whine

I know you give nobody, no more than they can handle,

but sometimes I feel it is too much trouble

Has the load suddenly increased or my capacity suddenly reduced?

Whatever it is, doesn't feel right in my mind!!

Please tell me, tomorrow I will be laughing thinking about this,

with a feather of confidence in my hat to tackle what is amiss!!!

Just talking to you about this makes me ready to take on this fight,

And I know you and I will together win it with our might!!!

This is a poem dedicated to the times when you are feeling low and down and feel that the burden on you is too much, At times like those, just remember, there is this eternal force which is making you strong and guiding you on the path of enlightenment if you trust it.


Bhumika Lathia

8th July 2009, Irving, Texas

I love this lovely serenity poem

God grant me the serenity

To accept the things I cannot change;

Courage to change the things I can;

And wisdom to know the difference.

Author Unknown.