Tuesday, July 24, 2007


In this fast paced world, the most common reason we hear or give,
for not staying in touch with someone,
Is; I am busy, sorry but I was very busy over the past few days,
it makes me think, think and debate,who am I fooling??
what I am trying to run from?
Is this something because I am trying to avoid something?
Is it because of some hidden fear within me?
I know I have time where I can do other things,
But I am somehow busy for this one?
its a matter of choice between things,
Things, that you take for granted,
and know will be there till the end...
But time flies, and people wait and wait,
and finally get exhausted in some moment
Then you find, you are lonely in a block...
because there is noone you can talk....
Days go by and you feel alone.....
wishing someone was there for you more...
Now, you have the time in the whole world,
But you have lost someone on the road.......
And then you ask the question,

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nothing lasts forever!!

Life is funny, Life is crazy,
It gives u all and makes u lazy,
it takes away something and you feel u need to hurry
It takes you through the roller-coaster,
and makes you wonder
should you feel happy or should you feel sad?
Everyday is a new beginning and a new end
Sometimes beginning may be good,
Sometimes the end.....
But all in all, its true,

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Love and Sacrifice

Life is beautiful, life is sweet,
I think about it and sit;
I lapse onto those lovely carefree days,
Missing all the people I met in my wonderful ways;
My mind is filled with questions,
I try to give it logical answers;
Why do we take people for granted?Why do we never get a chance to show ;
our love and affection for someone who really cares for us?
Why do we repel like a magnet to someone who loves us?
Why does someone love us even though we repel?
Is this what is called unconditional love?
Oh my Lord! Teach thy child the principles of love and sacrifice.


Sometimes I feel Happy sometimes I feel sad,
Am not sure, why do I feel that,
Sometimes I wonder, am I mad?
Then I think with my mind in my hat
Why do I hate people who love me?
Why do I love people who hate me?
Thinking of these things takes me to the past
I am laughing and playing and hoping this forever lasts
But the days go by and you never know
Thinking of those precious moments makes u slow
I wish I had realized the importance of each person in my life
Never would I have found myself in strife
But the problem is the moments are gone
And they are gone, and they are gone
I wish I could bring back the lost time
I wish I had realized the importance of people in my life
I wish I had never to come to this day to realize their affection
But now I know, someone loves me so much, its time for celebration